Cabot Oil has been fined and given other sanctions for the contamination of residents’ wells in Dimock, PA. This contamination is the result of methane from the gas seeping into the water, and unrelated to the fracking itself, radiation, or other pollution.

An article in the Citizen’s Voice quotes the PA DEP:

Cabot must plug three wells within 40 days that are believed to be the source of migrating gas that has contaminated groundwater and the drinking water supplies of 14 homes in the region. It must also install permanent treatment systems in those homes within 30 days.

Additionally, DEP Secretary John Hanger said his agency is immediately suspending its review of Cabot’s pending permit applications for new drilling activities statewide until it fulfills its obligations under the order issued today. Cabot also is barred from drilling any new wells for at least one year in the Dimock Township area.

This follows an incident last September in which Cabot spilled fracking fluid in the Dimock area.

Thanks to reader Nancy Flaherty, who posted a comment yesterday alerting us to this development.